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Surround yourself with the WORLD in the new Surround View Flight Simulator

Experience the thrill of flying 500 knots at 50 feet in an F/A-18E over the  desert floor  while being surrounded by real world imagery that blurs past your head.  In the Surround View, wrapped around you is the entire world.  Pilots and non pilots agree: It feels real. It sounds real. It looks real. Really.

Twist your neck as you watch a skyscraper glide past you while maneuvering a HELICOPTER.  Land at real airports in a Boeing 747.  The Surround View overwhelms your peripheral vision.  It is literally like nothing you have ever seen before.  For the first time ever the public is able to experience top level military and commercial simulation.

Questions? Check our FAQ or call us now at 952-920-3519.

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